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Replacing an Outdated Paradigm for the “Retirement Years,” and Exploring a New Phase of Life

by Erik Strid

Get Ready To Explore

Our parents’ worries and dreams for retirement were different from ours. Vastly different.

The clients I work with today have dreams such as hiking in every U.S. National Park, or traveling to every continent when they stop working full time. They worry about caring for their own and their spouses’ healthcare needs until past the age of 95. They dream about taking their grandkids out on their boat. They look forward to finally having time to teach, write, or make the art they’ve delayed while they focused on building their wealth. They are concerned about the economy, the environment, and the financial security of future generations to come.

Because retirees today will live so much longer than their parents did, these differences make sense. When I discovered the MIT AgeLab’s interesting model to describe our modern lives, the impact of increased longevity became clear to me. Their model divides our lifetime into four segments (averaging approximately 22 years each). They label these periods as Learning, Growing, Maturing, and Exploring … a much more positive and accurate description of what I’m seeing my retired clients go through. You can read more about my AgeLab visit and the concepts behind the book here.

Exploring is now available. It focuses on helping readers better understand the challenges and opportunities presented in retirement, with the goal of helping them to maximize their happiness during these years – and achieve their long-awaited dreams.

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Evaluate The Future

While many people are excited for their Exploring years, there are numerous emotional and practical decisions that we all must eventually face. Exploring will help outline those decisions to plan for the future you want. 

Avoid Challenges

Personal finance and legal management may be one of the most complex areas that Explorers face. Find out what you can do now to avoid common challenges and risks.

Prepare Now

The Exploring years can be overwhelming. Effective preparation can reduce stress and uncertainty and enhance your ability to achieve independence, control, and dignity as you age. Learn how you can get started today.

The MIT Age Lab has an interesting model that divides our lives into 4 phases, each lasting 8,000 days. They refer to the final phase as the “Exploring” phase. Culturally, we refer to this time as “retirement,” but with an increase in longevity, this phase could potentially last 30 years. “Retirement” no longer seems to accurately represent this period of life.

Baby boomers are the biggest generation in mankind – and are the first to really experience a newly extended lifespan. They have the opportunity to “explore,” learn, grow – and create a new definition of retirement.

Achieving happiness, however, requires planning and considering the opportunities and challenges that this phase may present – things that previous generations may not have dealt with. For example:

    • If you stop working, what will you do to feel mentally or personally fulfilled?
    • As you age and it’s more difficult to travel, how will you prevent loneliness?
    • If you can live anywhere, where will you choose to live?
    • Can you maintain your home and run errands?
    • Do you have enough money saved to live out your life in line with your goals?
    • Do you have a plan for caregiving, if that time comes?
    • Are you prepared to leverage technology and new services to make your life more manageable, like Uber, Blue Apron, and Task Rabbit?
    • Do you have documents in place that dictate your wishes?

These are difficult questions, but if you consider them seriously and prepare for what’s to come, there will be great opportunity to live a life of true happiness – travel, golf, socialize, spend time with friends and family, and relax.

About The Author

Erik Strid, CFP®, ChFC
Founding Principal and CEO

Erik is one of the co-founders of Concentus Wealth Advisors and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm.  With over 25 years of industry experience, Erik guides the firm’s overall strategy.

Erik’s career in the financial services industry is based on two key principles: putting the client’s interests first and providing exceptional personal service. Through the personalized service that has become Erik’s trademark, he takes the time to prepare and educate our clients so that they feel more confident with each decision they make.

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