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Your River of Wealth

Your family’s wealth is a tool to achieve true Financial Freedom: a growing stream of income which you cannot outlive, together with an increasing capital base, which will endow future generations of your family or the causes you care about.

When properly cared for, true wealth is like a River – it grows deeper and wider as it flows through your lifetime. You can draw from it the income you need to support your lifestyle, but the river inevitably continues to grow wider and deeper. As your family’s “Riverkeeper”, you must navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this journey, and you need a trusted guide to help show you the way.  

At Concentus, we are ethically committed to the wise stewardship of your River of Wealth

Over the course of 6 decades advising client families, we have observed that there is a large correlation between families who have taken the time to create a written financial plan and those who achieve long-term financial success.  Our client process is firmly centered around the importance of identifying our clients most important goals and values, and then delivering a written financial plan to achieve their most important life goals.  We are fiercely passionate about the idea that every client deserves something that very few Americans have –a written, date and dollar specific comprehensive financial plan, and a written Wealth Policy Statement.

Our Riverkeeper Navigator℠  process will help show you the way.

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