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The “Triangulation” of Advice

In “Big Wall Street” financial services firms, the three key elements of your financial management are all delivered through a “Single Silo.”

  1. Advice:  Advisors are corporate employees, bound by their corporate policies and procedures 
  2. Custody: The large firm acts as your account custodian
  3. Products and Services: Although in many instances big firms have an “Open Architecture” product model, selection is limited by those products which could be offered through the firm, who also handle all of the execution of security trades.

For many years, this “Single Silo” model served clients quite well, particularly because giant firms have the size and scale to do all 3 of these jobs well, and it was often difficult for a small advisory firms to access these capabilities independently.

However, the world has begun to change, and the industry is beginning to “Triangulate”, for the benefit of clients like you.  Today, firms like Concentus can separate these 3 functions, and move from being captive employees, to becoming institutional clients of Wall Street for your benefit.  As an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, we provide our advice separate from where products are sourced and your assets are held in custody.  

Our Independence enables us to embrace a client focused, transparent and objective model we call “The Triangulation of Advice”.  As a result you can expect:

1. Objective advice

Objective advice that is wholly transparent and free from outside influence. We act as your fiduciary, which means that our advice is influenced only by what is in your best interest.

2. An independent custodian for your assets

We regularly evaluate and select our resources to ensure that they are meeting your needs.

3. An expansive range of products and services

As an independent advisor, we utilize an open architecture platform to provide you with unrestricted access to some of the financial world’s best products and services. We recommend and tailor products based on your personal circumstances, we work to mitigate conflict by utilizing third-party custodians and trading platforms, investment products, cash management and lending solutions, life insurance, and much more.

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