Time is the Stuff Life is Made of

“A Man is Rich, Only in Proportion to the Number of Things he can afford to let alone.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Time is the Stuff Life is Made of2022-11-09T20:08:46-05:00

Do you really want to have a great quality of life?

If so, here is the secret.  Like most important truths in life, it’s really pretty simple.  In reality, there are three and only three facts that really matter to the quality of your life here on earth, which together we call “The Rule of 168”:

  • There are only 168 hours in every week. No matter your age, how much money you make, how much power you accumulate, or how smart you are, there are no exceptions to this fact.  Your quality of life is a direct function of how you choose to spend those hours.
  • Some of life’s complexities can be delegated, but many of the most important things cannot. You can’t pay someone else to spend time with your family for you, take a vacation with you, read a great book for you, or play golf for you.
  • The key to a high quality life is to focus on the truly important things, which are most critical to your quality of life and which cannot be delegated, and find someone else to take care of all of the less important things.

In a complex world, it is smart to pay someone else to help you to manage the complexities of life when you can. When you hire a professional to mow your lawn, launder your shirts, change your oil, or even manage more important objectives like doing your taxes or planning your finances, you make room in your life for all the things that you can’t pay someone else to do, like exercise, spend time with your family, take vacations, play golf, volunteer for a charitable cause, or become better in your career.

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