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Our Mission

At Concentus, our Mission is to deliver a truly client-centered advisory experience, empowering you to align your financial decisions with your most important values and cherished goals.

There are lots of “money managers” out there who will sell you on their investing performance.  At Concentus, we aren’t money managers, we are Wealth Planners.  In our Riverkeeper Navigator℠ process, we will engage in a meaningful conversation with you to identify your most important values, and financial goals.  Based on that conversation, we will help you to create your customized, written Wealth Policy Statement, which will provide a specific game plan for you to accumulate your family’s “River of Wealth”, which we define as a growing lifetime stream of income you cannot outlive, together with an ever increasing capital value which will endow your family and the causes you care about when you are gone.  

We will then operate as a trusted and experienced steward of your plan, helping you to take the necessary steps over time to achieve your goals.  We are your family’s fiduciaries, and in that role will provide you with advice and execution across your entire financial life, in a holistic way, and taking into account your unique tax, insurance, and estate planning needs.  

Ultimately, we offer you the confidence and peace of mind that you have a clear and proactive plan to achieve your personal version of Financial Freedom, and a relationship with a trusted steward of that plan for your family’s wealth.  This confidence will free you from having to worry about your financial future, so that you may enjoy the Quality of Life that comes from Freedom. 

Click here to learn more about the Value Equation offered at Concentus: concentus.com/financial-advice-value-equation

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