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Trust Services

Our Mission is to provide the necessary stewardship of your Family’s River of Wealth so that you can enjoy a lifestyle of freedom. However, that stewardship responsibility continues even beyond your lifetime, and our firm is uniquely positioned to provide stewardship of your wealth for your family after you have left them behind.

Many of our client families find it difficult to decide on a suitable set of trustees to manage their estates and advise their families over future generations.

It is for this reason that we formed Concentus Private Trust so that you can rely on our firm to help carry out your wishes after you are gone.

Concentus Private Trust is a Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust— the largest federally-chartered trust company in the U.S. to be created by Registered Investment Advisors for the benefit of their clients.  Working together, Concentus Private Trust and National Advisors Trust provide clients with an integrated trustee and investment management solution—helping clients to protect their wealth and remain confident about the future of their estate.

To learn more about the value of using Concentus Private Trust and NATC as your corporate trustee, read: Why use NATC as Corporate Trustee

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Interested to see how the Concentus Private Trust can integrate with your Estate Plan?

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Concentus Private Trust, a Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust Company (NATC) and National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, Inc. (NATSD)

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