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Advisor Right Fit Scorecard

Using the Scorecard
The Scorecard evaluates your mindset in 8 critical areas which are likely to influence your fit with your financial advisor. In each of the 8 categories, you will find a range of ways in which you might best describe your own personal mindset. Once completed, you will receive a Total Score.

To interpret your results, please read our Using the Scorecard guide.

After many years of experience, we at Concentus have come to believe that the best kind of advisor-client relationship must operate as a partnership, which we expect to last for a lifetime, or even over several generations. Because of this, we believe strongly that the most important aspect of your relationship with a financial advisor will be how well your personality, mindset, goals and expectations “fit” with the service model, philosophy and value proposition of the firm you select.

It is our belief that if such a “fit” does not exist, then the advisory relationship is destined to fail, regardless of the value created or investment performance delivered by the advisor.

You can read more on our blog post Should you Hire a Financial Advisor? Depends on your Mindset.

The Advisor “Right Fit” Scorecard

We prioritize the determination of “Fit” as the first and most important step in our potential advisory relationship, before moving on to a discussion of the specific planning advice and services you require.

To help you embark on the process of selecting the very best financial advisory platform to meet your needs, we have created a self-discovery tool called the Advisor “Right Fit” Scorecard.

We have learned through experience that your mindset is likely to have an important influence on your satisfaction with your advisory service provider, and the best fit for you. You can use this tool to evaluate your own mindset and expectations, and to help you discover what is likely to be the most effective type of advisory relationship for you and your family.

We hope this exercise is helpful to you, as a tool to discover more about your personal mindset and how it influences the most important relationships in your life.

We have found it to be quite helpful to efficiently narrow your search for the right advisory platform, before you begin your actual search for an individual provider. It may also help you avoid making a poor choice of platform, and the bad experience of making this realization too late.

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