It’s impossible to turn on the TV, or open your web browser today without being bombarded by the fearful news of the spread of the Coronavirus. The world’s capital markets are reacting to the news, and panic is in the air. For many investors, this fear is causing their investments to act in a way that they never expected, and don’t totally understand. If this is true for you, please be assured that you have friends here at Concentus, who will do our very best to offer you a sympathetic and unbiased opinion about what to do now.

Our team has a collective investing experience of over 200 years, stretching back to 1967. Over those years we have seen many market events just like this one, and have earned a great deal of investing wisdom – the hard way. We are pleased to share that wisdom with all of our friends and contacts who may be wondering what to do now.

In this replay of our recent Webinar, Erik Strid discusses how to deal with the current market environment.

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We hope this video is helpful to you. If you need a sympathetic and unbiased opinion about what to do now, reach out to us and let’s start a conversation.

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