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Stock Markets in June posted strong positive returns. The S&P 500 was up nearly 7% for the month. The last time the S&P 500 had better gains in the month of June was in 1955 – and not since 1999 (up 5.45%) has there been such strong gains in June.

It was a relief to experience such an impressively positive month after May’s dramatic selloff – down 6.4% in May. June was very much a similar bounce back to May as 2019 was also a recovery from the market swoon of the 4th quarter in 2018. After only two quarters of action, the US stock market is up 18%. Again, this has been a historically significant 1st half of year. Through the years, there have only been 11 better starts.

So, where does the market go from here? Your guess is as good as ours. We cannot begin to forecast what will come in the next 6 months and we cringe at those bold enough to think that they can forecast the unknown. At Concentus Wealth Advisors, our Philosophy of Investing contains 10 pillars. Two of those are the following:

For what it’s worth, here is the track record for how the 2nd half stock market compares with such strong 1st halves.

Celebrating Milestones!

As you probably know, we are big on celebrating milestones here at Concentus Wealth. It could be an anniversary, birthday, birth of a (grand)child, children’s graduation, etc. We believe it is important to recognize the occasion. In fact, we have written the following into our firms’ core values:

We have a positive focus – We regularly celebrate and are grateful for achievements and blessings.

You likely receive a phone call each year on your birthday, from our founding partner, Gerald ‘Zeke’ Strid. Erik Strid is also eager to pick up the phone to call clients, friends and family to recognize and celebrate those major milestone events. So we’d like to take this opportunity to spotlight Erik, as he recently celebrated his 50th birthday. If you have the chance to speak to Erik, be sure to wish him a happy birthday!

Investment Market Returns for May

After a significant correction in the month of May, equity markets came roaring back in June, as a continuation of 2019’s positive trend. Global stock markets were up nearly 7% in the month! Investment markets were once again led by the lopsided, long-term outperformance of US stocks versus the rest of the globe. The bond market and commodities also experienced positive returns for the month of June.

We continue to draw your attention to the positive long-term results for all asset classes. To be a successful investor, you must keep a long-term perspective and accept the intra-year gyrations that come with owning risk assets.

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