Avoiding Financial Fraud and Exploitation

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The rise of internet, mobile, and connected communication over the last 20 years has transformed our society in many wonderful and important ways. However, one of the ominous “dark sides” of the connected world is that it has enabled a significant rise in the occurrence of cybercrime, as the internet has proven to be an effective tool for fraudsters all over the world.

Although we generally think of financial fraud and exploitation as a problem for people over the age of 65, anyone can fall prey to the various forms of fraud. In recent months, it has become clear to our team here at Concentus that financial cybercrime is one of the most significant risks to our clients’ wealth, as well as one of their greatest concerns. We have recently experienced several situations in which our valued clients almost fell prey to a fraudulent email, phone call, or internet link. Fortunately, they called us before clicking, responding, or sending a wire transfer.

Our job at Concentus is to protect and grow our clients’ wealth in every way we can, which also means keeping them aware of risks like these and helping to mitigate them. In that light, we wanted to pass along a very valuable online resource that anyone can use to help identify possible fraudulent activity and prevent it from happening.

FraudSupport.org is a program created by the Cybercrime Support Network to provide assistance to both individual and small business cybercrime victims. This website is primarily dedicated to addressing financial exploitation for seniors; however, we encourage everyone who might be concerned about the safety of their financial assets in today’s connected world to review it to stay ahead of potential risk.

By |2018-12-24T11:08:55-05:00December 14th, 2018|Blog|

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