Lessons Learned from the Mothers in Our Lives

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As we approach Mother’s Day – a time to honor the incredible women who have shaped us – we reflect on the invaluable lessons we’ve learned from the maternal figures in our lives. At Concentus Wealth Advisors, we cherish the opportunity to pay tribute to the women who have guided us through life by sharing their wisdom. These lessons have greatly influenced our approach to creating fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.

In the spirit of celebration and gratitude, we’ve gathered reflections from our team members, each sharing the profound impact their mothers have had on shaping their values, resilience, and capacity for love. From selfless sacrifice to unwavering support, these stories serve as testaments to the enduring influence of maternal love and wisdom.

Erik Strid

“By the time she turned 30, my mother had 5 children under the age of 6. I know this seems pretty crazy in comparison to today’s society, in which so many people wait longer to have children and have fewer kids, but she indeed had 5 of us in such rapid succession. The most important value I learned from watching my mom manage this herd of little ones is the true meaning of selfless love … because raising a family of that size really requires you to suspend your own personal agenda and always make everything about the well-being of your kids. Since there were so many of us, someone always had a problem that needed solving, or was up all night sick, or needed a hug and a little extra attention. My mom was always ready to do whatever was needed, without a moment’s concern for herself. For her, it was always all about us – her joy and satisfaction were always simply predicated on the well-being and happiness of her 5 kids. Thank you, Mom!”

Andrew Brewster

“At an early age, I learned many things from my mom, but there are two in particular that have embedded themselves in my life all the way to fatherhood. The first is to try and do what is right no matter what life brings, and the second is to never quit on something that you have started. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me these two oftentimes underappreciated values that have helped me persevere in life.”

Patrick Johnson

“Throughout my life, my mother has always shown me the true definition of unconditional love. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I know I can always count on my mom to be there for me.”

Denise Carmichael

“My mom influenced my life by the way she lived and loved! She was married to my dad for 54 years when she passed and had special relationships with all her children and grandchildren. My mom was the biggest can-do person I ever met. She rarely shied away from trying something new and excelling at it. She had many gifts and talents, which included entertaining and keeping in touch with family and friends. She had friends of all ages and connected on a deep and personal level with each of them. She exuded warmth and positivity on most days. Mom had many talents, including cooking, baking, sewing, upholstering, painting, wallpapering, quilting, and gardening. She was Martha Stewart with a nursing degree and helped diagnose many illnesses within our family and friends. Mom taught me the importance of relationships and putting love out into the world!”

Paul Strid

“Some of the most valuable lessons I learned from my mom, I didn’t realize I learned until I was an adult. I find myself reflecting on things she taught me in childhood that have made me a better person and, particularly, a better parent. As a parent, I have leaned on so many things I experienced as a child. Her unwavering love, compassion, and patience