The Realistic Optimist℠ – Episode 51

I’ve always been amused by a trait of human nature which I call “Fashionable Pessimism”.  For some reason, we all think that it is fashionable, “smart” and intellectual to be pessimistic, while Optimists are considered naïve and childish. 

Fortunately for all of us, Pessimism is a direct contradiction with the facts.  For anyone who understands history, Optimism really is the only reality.  I’m a Realistic Optimist℠, and here is today’s confession of why.

– Erik Strid, Founding Principal of Concentus Wealth Advisors

Episode 51.

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To read the blog post that inspired this series check out: Confessions of a Hopeless Optimist

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Pessimism Sells, but Optimism Pays.
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