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February 2016
The world is a wonderful place. This quarter, our ‘What A World’ segment takes a look at 3D Printing and how it is changing our world.


Optimism is the only Realism.

– Nick Murray

A Positive Focus

In our experience advising families, there is one trait that clearly stands out as critical to achieving a great quality of life and fulfillment, as well as leaving an important legacy for future generations. Families who are able to master the skill of Gratitude and a Positive Focus tend to be happier and enjoy a better quality of life, and also to extend their success and legacy over many generations.

Many of our client conversations are centered on the stock market and the economy, and the implications for the outlook for the future of the world. Very often, this leads to a discussion of all of the many problems the world currently faces, and everything that is wrong today in the world of politics, economics, and business. The daily gyrations of the stock market, combined with a healthy dose of media sensationalism, can cause us to become quite fixated on what isn’t working in the world. An alternative view is to take a Positive Focus, and consider all of the amazing things that are happening in the world today. Thanks to the internet, the world is literally bursting with communication, innovation, and world changing technology right before our eyes. We are living in an era which is unprecedented in the pace of positive change sparked by technology.

A World Without Limits

In this month’s edition of Valuables, we would like to explore a truly amazing technology that proves that we truly live in a world without limits, thanks to the combination of technology and human ingenuity. Welcome to a “Limbitless” world.

By now most of us have seen or heard about the amazing advancements being made in the world of prosthetic and bionic limbs for people who are disabled or have lost a limb. These devices can be truly life changing for the people who need them, but they are expensive – the industry standard for an advanced prosthetic can run as high as $40,000. This high cost implies a sad reality for children in particular. Because kids are still growing, they will likely outgrow their prosthetic device several times, making it too expensive for most families to keep replacing the artificial limb as the child grows.

Enter the amazing technologies of 3 Dimensional printing, which now makes it easy and cost effective to produce a custom made prosthetic limb, and to do it repeatedly as a child grows bigger. These devices can be manufactured on demand for only a tiny fraction of the cost of a traditional prosthetic, thanks to the work of a new group called “Limbitless Solutions”.

We think you will love the story of Alex Pring, a young boy whose life has been changed in a huge way thanks to his new Limbitless arm. Please enjoy the following:

Alex’s 3D Printed Bionic Arm E-Nables Volunteers to Form Limbitless Solutions

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