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Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Norb Vonnegut profiles Gerald “Zeke” Strid, co-founder and patriarch of Concentus Wealth Advisors.

Why One Wall Street Broker Declared His Independence

The promise of control & flexibility lured wirehouse veteran Gerald Strid to launch his own shop in 2014

In 2014, Gerald Strid co-founded Concentus Wealth Advisors with his sons and, like so many others, became a breakaway.

Yet unlike so many others, Mr. Strid made the move at the age of 70. He is now in his 48th year as a wealth manager, and his King of Prussia, Pa., firm manages $420 million in assets.

Mr. Strid offers a peek into the evolution of wealth management, and his experiences suggest that control over personal success or failure, flexibility in the workplace, and a feeling of camaraderie are the three keys to career longevity.

But what I found really interesting in my interviews with Mr. Strid is that these same factors also provide a framework for understanding why so many investment representatives are abandoning the big four wirehouse brokerages and doing their own thing.

Who do you think has greater control over their client experiences, 29,000 advisers in two corporate behemoths or eight people at Concentus, which in case you are wondering, is Latin for “harmony, agreement, and concord”?

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By |2019-01-16T14:26:08-05:00August 13th, 2016|News|

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