Erik Strid, CEO of Concentus Wealth Advisors, Publishes EXPLORING, Focused on How to Best Prepare For and Enjoy Expanding Retirement Years

Erik Strid's third book, Exploring, is now available

Pre-book launch survey reveals common concerns and desires of those approaching retirement

King of Prussia, Pa. – October 23, 2019 – Erik Strid, CFP®, ChFC®, Founding Principal and CEO of Concentus Wealth Advisors, has launched his third book entitled Exploring, Replacing An Outdated Paradigm For The “Retirement Years,” And Exploring a New Phase of Life. In his latest installment, Strid shares his personal insights and provides key guidelines for those approaching and preparing for this final phase of life, aiming to help readers take greater financial control, decrease stress and anxiety, and focus on happiness in their later years.

While working on the content for the book, Strid invited clients and friends to share their biggest concerns as they look to retire, as well as what they are most looking forward to.

Based on these responses:

  • Today’s retirees are seeking a much more active lifestyle than in previous generations, with multiple mentions of the desire to be proactive in maintaining health in mind and body as well as the anticipation of time spent relaxing with grandchildren, friends, and other family.
  • In seeking “continued purpose in life,” several also noted community service and philanthropy as priorities at this stage of their lives.

Among the top concerns was, as one respondent noted, “Finding the right balance between income, meaningful work, and having time to grow, learn, and develop.” Additional responses referenced:

  • The ongoing risk of market volatility and a possible recession
  • Unexpected health costs
  • The wish to achieve financial security for themselves and their spouses without burdening others
  • Ideally being able to pass wealth on to their children.
  • “Ensuring they outlive [their] money”
  • “Maintaining [their] pre-retirement lifestyle”
  • “Growing [their] savings and leveraging ‘safe’ investments” amid a changing market

In order to best position themselves for these goals, Exploring takes a fresh approach to the post-employment years, understanding the needs and goals of today’s retirees. Going beyond traditional financial topics, Strid also shares advice with readers in the following areas:

  • Ensuring financial and legal affairs are in order and familiar to both spouses
  • Continuing to support and be present in the lives of children and how that impacts finances
  • Managing changes in health, lifestyle, and relationships
  • How to best leverage technology tools to help with transportation, part-time employment, and social interaction

“As we continue to live longer, our retirement years continue to expand, offering an exciting final phase of life full of new and favorite activities, time spent with loved ones, and relaxation,” said Strid. “Through Exploring, I am excited to share how, with proactive financial strategies in place, we can reduce anxiety as we look ahead and focus on the happiness and adventures that await us.” Additional information is available here.

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